In today’s world, education is everything. Getting into a good college or university is a vital step toward being successful in the job market. The important question to ask is how do you get there? It all starts with the way you spend your time during high school. Those four years can completely set you apart from other candidates for the same schools you want attend.

Making the most of your time in high school can mean something different for everybody. If you love sports, then try to get onto a sports team as an extra-curricular activity. Love theater and performing? Try out for the school musical each year. Are you born to be a leader? Run for positions in your school’s student council. Those are the types of activities that will make you stand out and show that you are dedicated to something. It also provides you with something that looks unique, in comparison to other students who might have good grades, but nothing else on their application.

Another smart option is to enroll in any college level courses your high school offers. This could mean AP classes or any other type of college course at your school. This will show that you have the ability to succeed in higher education, which will help set you apart from other applicants who have taken only high school level courses.

The most important thing to remember is to start early. Don’t leave college preparation until the day you submit your applications. The best way to make sure you will be accepted into a great college is to plan ahead and be dedicated as a student and in your other activities. Earning good grades is definitely important, but to stand out you should also be a well-rounded person with more than just a perfect report card.

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