It’s a numbers game.  You will hear this phrase a lot in life, so learn it well.  It applies to many fields, and scholarships are no different.  Tuition costs are rising, but so is the number of scholarships available.  Luckily for you, we are very good at the game and are here to help you crush it!

What does it take to win a scholarship?  ACT and SAT prep, for starters.  Once you nail that entrance exam, which you will, you’ll want to round out that beautiful brain of yours with meaningful resume builders.  What do we mean by meaningful builders?  We mean skip the fluff and make sure everything on that resume is working for you!  Don’t just get a job, get a job that will provide skills relevant to the path you’ll be pursuing in college.  Don’t just volunteer, volunteer for an organization or cause you are passionate about – it will shine through in everything else you do.  And those extracurricular activities?  Use them to your advantage; tap into the network they provide as you hunt for recommendations on college and scholarship applications.

Even amongst the most accomplished students, however, luck will play a factor.  So when it comes to scholarships, stack the deck in your favor.  Apply for as many scholarships as possible.  Not only will it hone your essay writing, interviewing and communication skills – skills you will use your entire life – but it will up your chances of being awarded some well-deserved money for college.  And don’t forget the small stuff.  Even the scholarships that award $2,000, $1,000 or less are worth the time – and often have less competition. is the largest scholarship database in the nation and makes applying for both scholarships and financial aid as easy as clicking a button, so get out there and win the game.

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