As a college student, life can be overwhelming. There are so many things to think about, such as homework, tests, what to major in, where to work, how to pay rent… the list goes on. College campuses have many often-overlooked resources to help with all of this! If you take some time to familiarize yourself with these aspects of your own campus, you will set yourself up for success! 

The Library This may seem obvious, but so many students forget about the library. There is no better way to study than in a quiet place that is totally dedicated to just that: studying! Don’t spend your days studying in the middle of a noisy apartment where you have so many distractions. Take your work to the library to be twice as productive and really soak in what you are learning.

Teaching Assistants When it comes to difficult classes and confusing topics, don’t underestimate the value of teaching assistants. Most colleges have them! They are students who have already passed the class with flying colors, so they really know their stuff and are ready to pass their knowledge onto you. Take time to learn from them, especially when it’s time to prepare for a test.

Advisement Office If you find yourself stuck wondering what to major in, look no further than your college advisors. They are trained to help you find out what you love and transfer that into a career. Take the time to meet with an advisor early on in your college career so you can find a path that you love and avoid wasting valuable time and money in the wrong major.

Campus Employment We all know the life of a student is a busy one. Unfortunately you also still have bills to pay, so finding a job is important. Working on campus is a great way to go! Your employer will likely be willing to work around your class schedule, and you will save time on the commute. Keep your eyes peeled for campus job opportunities to make working just a bit easier.

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